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Services & Facilities

Services and Facilities

scenic1Aims and Goals

Striving for Excellence, At Scenic Lodge we are determined to do everything possible to help our clients achieve their dreams.


We aim to give clients the best possible service, we offer clients access to our many pedigree programs to assist with any information required. G1 Goldmine, is accessible on this website. Jeremy Smith with his background in pedigree research is only too happy to assist clients. We also recognise the importance of keeping clients informed during the stud season, particularly in relation to coverings and pregnancy tests of your mare.


Facilities Scenic Lodge has the infrastructure and staff to enable us to confidently offer excellent care to visiting horses.  The property has over 2kms of bitumised driveway and roads running throughout.  Other facilities include:-

  • New modern offices, for administration staff.   
  • 45 individual paddocks, ranging in size from 1acre to 25acres
  • Stallion serving barn and teasing barn
  • Three stallion boxes with yards.
  • Veterinary Barn, Including X Ray machine and scanning machine.
  • 40 horse stable complex. Providing facilities to prepare 40 yearlings
  • Two horse walking machines
  • Sand racing track
  • Parading arena
  • 6 horse truck and float
  • Flood lit foaling down paddocks, plus mare and foal nursery boxes.
  • Property consists of 350 hectares which includes 150 hectares of  summer grazing land.  
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